Manage and Optimize your Cloud

Did you know that you can save over half of your cloud spend by managing and optimizing your cloud deployment? Let us help you. We have services for companies that are already in cloud but need help on specific tasks or want to reduce cloud spend or optimize the capacity in use.We have three main services in this category – Cloud Health Check, Cloud Optimization and SLA services.
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Services for Advanced Cloud Users


Cloud Health Check

Cloud Optimization

Cloud Management

See where your money goes in your cloud services. We’ll show you detailed information about your cloud services and suggest alternative services if necessary. Our Cloud Architects helps you on optimizing your cloud selecting the best pricing models and optimizing the service based on your service and business needs. Our Cloud Architects and selected Partners provides SLA services for monitoring and controlling your cloud 24/7 and offering support when necessary.


How we have helped our customers?

Read how we have helped our customer Rightware to optimize their AWS account and to save over 40% of their monthly spend Read More >>

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