Benefits for Enterprise SaaS Companies

The Pilvi™ Cloud Commerce Platform is a comprehensive system for the sale and management of ongoing services. Services can include cloud capabilities, software, IoT solutions, or other services based on ongoing subscriptions. Pilvi™ digitalizes your sales.

Achieve sales growth through an online sales channel for you continuous services

Are you looking for ways to increase sales of your subscription based services? Do you have products in your portfolio which is just too time-consuming or difficult to sell by traditional means? Using the Pilvi™ Platform you are able to build an online store suitable for selling services and gain new customers as well as increase sales efficiency to your existing ones.

Self-Service channels for customers increase profitability

Studies have shown self-service channels increase customer satisfaction and offer a natural channel for upselling through add-ons. Pilvi™ offers a self-service environment alongside your online store which acts as a management tool and also generates additional sales.

Internal order automation helps sales focus on the essentials

A lot of salespeople use their time on bidding, inputting orders, opening services, and correcting mistakes made. That is all time away from actual sales work, and for many one of the most stressful aspects of the job. In addition, non-automated processes allow malicious vendors to make up prices and offering on their own outside of company guidelines.

Automated provisioning encreases efficiency and reduces errors

Automated provisioning is the final step in sales automation. Once your marketing, trial processes, sales, and billing are all automated you’re left with a need for automated provisioning. Entering all orders manually can be very time-consuming and the risk factor is still quite large.


Pilvi™ is There in All Stages of the Sales Process

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