Launching online sales for a data protection specialist company (GDPRdesk)

SoulCore developed an effective GDPR solution as a SaaS product for Data Security Officers and their teams. GDPRdesk has been made for the designing of data protection policies, assessing and managing risks, as well as for the assessment of register and system security.

GDPRdesk allows the controller to fulfill assignment obligations, managing a planned and targeted data protection process.

Striving for international growth through GDPR. GDPRdesk Premium is a solution for those which process hyper-sensitive personal data such as, the Finnish Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors (JHL) and Finland’s Trade Union Pro. The SaaS service is gaining new users at a steady pace.

Strong background expertise in GDPR Regulation.

SoulCore has took up the EU Privacy Policy 1.5 years ago. The company’s compliance officer has been involved in work groups and conversations since the Finnish VAHTI program from 2016. Their background is therefore a very solid expert base that was completed with SoulCore’s own strong application design expertise to create a GDPR product.

The service can be found at:

Pilvi’s expertise helped in building the sales channel and payment gateways.

The company wanted to move forward fast and agile. Pilvi provided both expertise, as well as fast and efficient deployment of the finished platform. The MVP-version of the online sales service was implemented in 2 weeks and is now up and running. The product version used is Pilvi™ Gazelle, which is designed for SaaS companies seeking strong growth. During the second phase of the project an integration will be completed between GDPRdesk and the Pilvi platform ensuring full automation.


SoulCore’s core competence is in solutions built on Microsoft® Azure

SoulCore is focused on digitalization of business-centric processes. The company’s main goal is to provide superior productivity for the customers’ modern business applications, which is seen in for ex. Shorter Supply Times. Methods include advanced software tools of robotics.

The company focuses on the implementation of modern business tools (Line of Business, LOB). We maximized use of Microsoft cloud technologies. The main driving platform is Microsoft® Azure.

Thanks to the very effective development model the companies’ next SaaS service is already under development, and its sales will also be managed efficiently through the same Pilvi™ platform.

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