Working at Pilvi

Our Goal: To become the leading SaaS focused development company

Pilvi is a SaaS-focused software company with an e-commerce background. We develop our own software, the Pilvi™ platform. It is interesting, challenging and quite often even fun. We eat our own porridge and we use the same platform we sell for own business. Welcome onboard.

Pilvi is the home for a software developer. We are looking for talented people who develop and understand digital sales, the subscription economy and SaaS development. We value people who want to develop the way and where they work. We help and provide the tools for your work but the results are all about you.

Building a Subscription Economy

The core team (what we are offering here) has worked together in the above areas together for 3-5 years and has delivered cases to companies like Atea, Elisa, Tieto, Louhi Networks, Routa (Sanoma), Grano, and 20+ smaller SaaS-companies. Our founders and top management are part of the team delivering the results.

We’re looking for team members that fit our team. We are looking for active and initiative people. We try to be flexible and we measure results instead of hours. We are fast to change if we find something that doesn’t work or helps us towards better results. The most important part is to have a mutual goal to work for. We have three teams: sales, production and development. The teams work independently, but as a company we have one process that is designed to help our customers.

Team Culture

We tend some times to spend time together outside office hours. For inside sports we have Playstation but now and then we dare to go outside for a round of frisbee golf or other team sports. In addition we have our yearly team days and fitness measurements. We’re open for new suggestions for team activities.

Developing for the Future

We have just one mission: We want to build Pilvi™ to be the leading platform for selling digital services. At the same time we’ll be the biggest subscription economy development company. If you want to be part of this, read more about our positions and send us an application.


  • Developers (Frontend / Backend)
  • Sales Manager (customer success, inbound or solution sales)
  • Project Manager
  • Digital Sales Consultant with SaaS focus

We’re always looking for new people to join our team. It might be that we do not have any open positions right now. Things might change and if we know about you we’re able to contact you. Send us an application.

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