The Bizmind Personal Sales Accelerator accelerated by Pilvi ™

Bizmind further develops their sales channels by opening up an automated online sales channel produced by Pilvi™.

Bizmind is an app that acts as a personal sales coach utilizing psychometrics and crowd learning, the Bizmind Personal Sales Accelerator is based on advanced data-mining and was developed with IBM Watson™.


Bizmind desired to develop their own sales infrastructure by bringing an automated online sales channel along-side their already existing field sales network. Bizmind’s productization was forged from a traditional analog sales focus, and to be truly ready for automated online sales needed slight adjustments.


Pilvi™ and Bizmind carried-out workshops in which the product was re-productized with a focus on making it truly ready for automated online sales and clear product-specific customer segments were developed.

In only a few weeks as a result of the project, Bizmind received their own web shop complete with product cards they were able to directly embed onto their website and create a clear sales path directly from their landing page.


The Pilvi™ product is also well-suited for provisioning and billing of mobile products. With Pilvi™ you can easily create trial and onboarding process directly from your store. Pilvi™ provides your software with a great platform for providing your product through your own channel. In addition, Pilvi™ helps you with your productization and creating clear product-specific customer segments that are well-suited for automated online sales.

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