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This page is all about our Customers. We help our Customers in building digital sales for subsciption services. Our customers are software and technology companies who want to grow by developing their digital sales, self service and marketing channels with us. Below you can find a few of our customers case stories.

Pilven asiakkaita

Pilvi™ -platform Customers

Louhi logoCase: Louhi – online sales & self-service

One of our largest deployments is online sales and self-service channel developed for Louhi Networks. Through the online sales channel Louhi acquires 1000 new customers annually and manages over 22.000 accounts. Store has over 50 products and 99% of Louhi’s sales goes through the channel.

In addition to the online store and self-service channel https://kauppa.louhi.fi, Pilvi designed and deployed a new WordPress based website https://www.louhi.fi/ for Louhi. The new website is designed to support online sales. 

  • Product: Pilvi™ Platform
  • Investment: Platform ~40K€/year  Development ~100K€/year
  • Development: Continuous development in 3 week sprints

Case: Nexetic – Channel partner delivery automation (ALSO Marketplace)

Nexetic is a Finnish cloud data backup service provider at the forefront of the cloud services, cloud storage industry. Their main product is Nexetic Shield Backup Win + Mac. They also offer Office 365 backup and backup for Windows Servers.

Pilvi Provided Nexetic the delivery automation for their channel partner orders from ALSO Marketplace. In addition Nexetic got their own digital sales channel for direct sales from their own website.

  • Product: Pilvi™ Reseller
  • Link
  • Development: Project

Case: SoulCore – Online sales for SaaS service

SoulCores SaaS based GDPRdesk solution is designed for companies DPO teams. It’s designed for planning end evaluation for data privacy processes and systems. In addition it includes processes for risk management.

SoulCores goal was in rapid deployment. Pilvi provided a quick deployment with it’s expert services and a ready platform. The online sales channel was ready in 2 weeks.  Pilvi™ Gazelle is designed for SaaS companies looking for rapid growth. The next phase after initial deployment includes integration for full delivery automation .

  • Product: Pilvi™ Gazelle
  • Link to service
  • Deployment: Project, platform as a service
SaaShop Marketplace

Case: Ohjelmistoja – SaaS marketplace for small and midsize companies

Ohjelmistoja is focused in sales and marketing for SaaS services. Ohjelmistoja sales pre-selected SaaS business development services. Ohjelmistoja is the merchant for its SaaS marketplace.

Pilvi™ platform provided Ohjelmistoja a pre defined set of functionalities designed for digital service marketplaces. These includes different customer and seller provifiles, credits-based payments and versatile set of payment options. One important part was also the API-based architecture in Pilvi™ platform. This will be in important part in future development.

Digital sales consulting & strategy development

Case: M-files – Subscription sales consultation

M-Files is one of the fastest growing global software companies. M-Files wanted to transform their traditional licence business towards subscription sales model. Pilvi helped M-Files in understanding and building offering to support digital sales for its Cloud Vault product. The result for the co-operation was a design prototype and roadmap for enabling digital subscription sales. 

  • Product: Subscription sales workshops, UX/UI design
  • Development: Project
M-files Saas yhtiö logo
Routa logo

Case: Routa – Online sales strategy

Routa is part of Sanoma Corporation focusing in marketing sales. Routa has over 130 employees and Routa offering covers all different media marketing options. Routa has a strong knowledge in traditional outbound sales and marketing. Company wanted to renew its sales strategy and start developing digital sales and customer self service.

Routa chose Pilvi for its deep knowledge in digital sales development to support strategy development. The results for the co-operation was a ready to execute digital sales strategy. This helped Routa to develop its offering and to build a digital sales and self-service channel for its customers. 

  • Product: Strategy workshop & consulting
  • Deployment: Expert advisory & workshops

Digital sales development

Case: Cuckoo – Website & productization for SaaS startup

Cuckoo is a Finnish SaaS company who empowers its customers employees with break exercise app. As a result Company gets more motivated and healthier employees with less sick leaves. Cuckoo needed a new website and with new design.

Pilvi designed and deployed a new website for Cuckoo using best practises in SaaS sales. Site structure is compact and large pictures from the software brings brave, real and happy feeling like Cuckoo values promise.

Pilvi used WordPress with a commercial theme for the site. The theme was customized based on customers needs. Finnish Louhi Networks provided a hosting package designed for WordPress. After the project, Cuckoo is able to modify and manage its site independently.

  • Product: Website design & development (WordPress), productization workshop
  • Development: Project
Grano logo

Case: Grano – Online sales development

Grano is a versatile expert of content services in Finland. Grano serves its customers in 26 municipalities and has a turnover over 140 million. Grano needed help in developing its online sales platform, digital sales and brand.

Pilvi designed together with Grano marketing and online sales team a 13 item development list to improve its current sales and customer experience and UI / UX related issues.

Grano has a flexible framework agreement with Pilvi witch makes it easy to schedule the work and keep costs in budget.

  • Product: Design, UX-design, website development, workshops for design & brand
  • Deployment: Work packages based on customer schedule, and need

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