Expert Services for SaaS Companies

Pilvi helps companies sell digital services online. Our expertise is based on two decades of e-commerce experience that combines expertise in the sale of cloud services, without ignoring the needed technological foundation.

Pilvi helps you develop your digital service sales

Our experts have built traditional online stores, the applications they need, as well as hosting and cloud computing platforms. Our competence combination is a suitable blend of business strategy, customer understanding, and technological expertise.

Expert Services for Planning Service Sales and Strategy Creation

Building a digital sales channel is often the single largest lump sum investment you will undertake. However, it is important to do the foundation work well. Often, companies need outsourcing, support, and guidance from outside consultants to create a cloud-based strategy. Pilvi’s offerings include ready-made templates and if needed expert workshop packages for online business planning and strategy work. These include Cloud Selling Pre-Studies, Digital Sales Maturity Assessments, and Customer Online Onboarding Plans.

Project Services for utilizing cloud services and developing sales

Our project services carry out information system projects through three main phases. By default, we look for answers to conceptual questions – what, who, why and how. Our project scope definition service takes concepts into deeper levels for the creation of feasible plans. The actual project services will push the projects to completion on schedule and within budget.

Integrations between cloud services are at the heart of our company

We are a software company with a strong focus on integrations. An online store of cloud services is virtually one large integration project. An online store of service products containing dozens or even hundreds of products can contain just as many integrations as there are products.

If you want to integrate cloud services, we are the best option, and with any luck, a complete integration has already been done. If you are interested, please contact us.

We have built complete provisioning for multiple environments:

  • CPanel
  • UpCloud
  • Also
  • AppDirect
  • Eurodns
  • Enom
  • Ascio
  • Ficora
  • Stripe (Credit Card Payments)
  • Paytrail (Online Fees)
  • Netvisor (Billing)
  • G Suite
  • LATO
  • Arilyn
  • Zapflow
  • Kindiedays
  • Nexetic
  • Granite
  • Futures Platform
  • Turva.IO
  • Bizmind
  • Cloud Selector
  • Amazon Web Services
    • Cloudwatch
    • EC2
    • RDS
    • Route53
    • S3
  • IBM Softlayer
    • Virtual Server

Continuous development of customer relationships

Online sales do not end upon order or even the delivery of the service (provisioning). A web-based digital service customer is constantly catching up with the service provider. The connection is permanent and sensitive to disturbances. Continuous customer care is emphasized in maintaining and developing ongoing services. Pilvi helps its customers succeed in online sales, but also in securing the continuity of customer relationships. We bring expertise and methods to reduce customer churn, additional sales and cross-selling.