Pilvi™ Cloud Commerce Platform

Features for enterprise SaaS

Pilvi™ is an online sales automation platform for IT and cloud service providers. The platform contains everything necessary to build and develop and automated sales channel. Pilvi™ also provides a comprehensive set of tools for customer relationship management and customer self-service experience development. Real time metrics guide and direct your online sales and gives you the information you need to report and control your sales.

Pilvi™ is designed for IT and cloud service providers and is particularly well served for the management of user-based services. Pilvi™ helps companies focus on their own product management and works as a comprehensive partner in online sales. Pilvi™ fills your needs both technically as well as in the online sale process.

Make your website into a sales channel

Your website is not just a list of references and a contact for. Small changes can play a big part. Pilvi™ allows you to build an online store complete with your entire offering or select embedded e-commerce product cards and order now pages right onto your site.

The self-service portal is the core of customer contact

Through the self-service portal, your customers can manage their services, customer information, and their contacts at any time. The self-service portal is primarily a channel for additional sales. Provide your customers with an easy way to deploy, manage and track new services.

One view to your entire business

Pilvi™ provides versatile and customizable dashboards to all the relevant information for your business and sales guidance. In one view, you will see trials, orders, stock, capacity loads, the latest customer messages, and actual commissions. You can steer your sales through the same dashboard and your customer service will be able to view your customer information.

Best practices for service sales have been taken into account

Our experts at Pilvi™ have gathered market information on what works and what does not. The online sales process takes into account the best practices utilized by successful IT and cloud companies. The online sales process has been fine tuned and is visually pleasing, it also fulfills all legal requirements for e-commerce.

Integrations combine online sales with your existing systems

Pilvi™ is a separate standalone solution, but it can be integrated with your existing systems such as your customer and contract portfolio or production environments. The core of the Pilvi™ platform is the Pilvi™ Cloud Connector REST API, which enables the platform to integrate with a comprehensive list of systems. You can build fully automated or manual workflows.

Several online payment options and billing integrations

You can offer your customers various payment options including Stripe, bill payment, or even local payment heroes as need be.

Pilvi™ Parts and Functions


Centralized product catalog for your entire offering

In the product catalog, you manage your entire offering. Product descriptions, options, configurations, related product and recommended products. Integrate your existing product portfolio and rich product descriptions into your online store.

Help your customers find the right solutions and services

Take advantage of service-specific keywords, groups, brands, or descriptions in product support. Navigation helps you find the right service.

Build various product views to support targeted customers purchasing decisions

The product views of one or more products help customers find the right solution and support the purchasing decision. You can build virtual products where the customer sees one product as a part of a greater entity.

Service-specific configurations aid customers in building the desired entity

With service-specific configurations, you confirm that your service is ready for delivery after an order. In addition to standard service information, ask for additional services.

Order multiple services as a whole, with one invoice

Instead of product-specific sown shopping channels, you can offer your customers the ability to order multiple services with one order. In the shopping cart, you can easily see your monthly payment for the order and configure all the services associated with the subscription.

Payment by online payment, bill or advance payment

Online payment makes it possible for you to sell to unknown customers risk-free. In addition to online payments, you can offer billing or prepayment as options. You can also integrate the payment process to your current financial management.

Order services delivered and setup in minutes, automatically

You can choose between automated (requires technical integration) or manual provisioning of services. Automated provisioning enables the sale and delivery of services in minutes without manual work.

Provide value-added services

Connect product views to the shopping cart phase showing services compatible with the prior selected subscription services. Possible “one-click” additional sales.

Self-Service Environment

Follow delivery of services in real-time

The console allows you to track delivery of services you’ve subscribed to. You can also see when a service is in use.

Manage your services in real-time and make changes to services regardless of location

Manage all your services easily from one place. Upscale or downsize services with a few clicks.

Track use and response time

From the front page of the console you can easily see the status of your services, the latest alerts, and respond as needed.

Track payment history

Real-time tracking on cost earned, and forecasts, as well as the latest invoices and payment history.

Expand services easily or order new ones

Easily subscribe to new services or get compatible extensions for your existing ones. The web shop and self-service environments are on the same platform, so there is no need to leave to another interface to make new orders.

User manuals all in one place, the service console

See service manuals and support material easily on the service console. You can also contact customer support as needed.

Contact support and manage support requests

Contact customer support through service management either by email or chat. Manage open support requests and track history.

Group services as needed

You can tag and group services as needed. Groups can be given group-specific permissions and reports can be printed.

Comprehensive reports allow you to track service use and make changes.

Reporting tools help you keep track of contract and service changes, log-in history as well as service usage.

Management Environment

Track visitor behaviour in your store easily

What are the most popular products in your store? Which product category is opened first? How long do customers spend in the store? Which products end up in the cart and which are abandoned along the way?

Manage products, product descriptions, features, and ordering all from one place

Manage the entire offering, pricing, descriptions, and features easily through one interface. Update your products in real-time. It is also possible to integrate to a product management system.

Give your customers and easy and automated way to try out your services

Build and automated service-specific trial processes easily. Commit your users during the trial process and ensure a great conversion rate to paid customers.

Manage orders made by your customers and activate manually delivered services

Track real-time up-to-date orders and centrally manage unsuccessful activations and manual deliveries. Make sure the services your customers have subscribed to are available.

Manage your customers services

Get the same view to services as your customers. You can easily help guide your customers in problem situations.

Manage your customer relationships, customer information, and payments

Manage your customer relationships centrally from one user interface. Update customer information, access right, service tracking, and billing.

Provide customers with customer support through a self-service environment

Centralized customer support is one way to engage your customers. Provide your customers the ability to track the handling and history of their support requests and provide real-time chat support for quick inquiries.

Easily track the development and results of online business through key metrics

Key business metrics centrally provided. Create your own reports or use the platform’s ready-made reports. Browse information for the desired time-period, or order key figures as an e-mail report.

Manage your store’s ID’s and permissions

You can manage access easily through one place. As far as access right are concerned they can be integrated into an existing licensing system, whereby the current accounts will be usable as-are in your store.

Supply Catalog

A ready-made set of connectors to market-leading IaaS platforms (AWS, Azure, Softlayer)

Ready third-party technology and cloud integrations enable agile adding of new automated services to your product catalog.

SaaS products ready to be added to your offering

You can sell third-party SaaS products as part of your offering. Fill in missing product segments from your offering by adding third-party services and increase sales to existing customers by cross-selling products.

System and Integration Platform

The Pilvi™ platform has comprehensive support for background integrations such as CRM, ERP, and financial management. Pilvi™ can function as an integration platform.
PAITA offers an open interface for new services

Through the PAITA interface, you can easily integrate and thereby automate new service deliveries in the PIlvi™ platform. You can use the interface to either build your own service production automation interface, or you can provide your partners a third-party solution.

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