Pilvi™ Cloud Shop for SaaS

Features for SaaS Companies

Pilvi™ is an e-commerce engine for SaaS companies. It contains everything you need to build and develop a sales channel. Pilvi™ also provides comprehensive tools for managing SaaS customers and developing additional sales, all topped up with always up to date metrics covering your entire business. Pilvi™ is designed for software companies and is particularly well suited for start-ups that are just launching operations. Pilvi™ helps your company focus what is most important, its core product, and accelerates market entry.

One view for the entire business

Pilvi™ provides a versatile and customizable dashboard of business information. In one view you’ll see trials, orders, customer count, capacity loads, the latest customer messages, and actual commission. Through the PAITA interface, you can import important information about your product to the Pilvi™ dashboard.

Testing and editing your product cards

Product cards should never be a static entity. Small changes can play a big part in sales performances. Pilvi™ helps you make a variety of pricing pages and A/B test which product offering converts at the highest rate.

Best practices for SaaS sales are taken into account

The experts at Pilvi™ have gathered market information on what works and what does not. The online sales process contains best practices by which successful SaaS companies outsell their competitors. The online sales process is fine tuned and visually finished and it fulfills all legal requirements set forth for e-commerce.

Converge all customer communication with the message center

One place to manage all of your customer messages, whether it’s a trial or a standard message related to your order, such as order confirmation or post-termination, or even service outages. Everything happens automatically and queries that differ from the standard customer process are automatically delivered to the correct customer service, sales or provisioning system as needed, such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, Autodesk, Pipedrive, ServiceNow, Intercom.

Several online payment options and billing integrations

You can offer your customers various options for online payment, such as Stripe or a similar modern payment provider or even manage your billing in a more traditional fashion by integrating it into your sales process.

Pilvi™ is there in all stages of the sales process

1. Pre-trial

Offering clearly displayed open and clear pricing.

Product Cards

Make your product offering available online
Customize your product cards to match your brand
Easy to deploy, no coding needed

Pricing models

Build and customize attractive pricing options
Offer your customers different payment options
The price is always up-to-date in your store

During the trial period

Automated onboarding, purchasing decision support.

Automated provisioning

Reduces workload from sales and customer-service

Boosts online sales

Automated messaging

Create an automated trial without any programming
Active users to further their trial experience and take them towards a purchasing decision
Active a user with value-generating features

Purchasing embedded into messages

Actively steers customers towards purchasing decisions

During the purchasing process

Ease of purchase. Instant payment and deployment.

Online shopping purchasing process

Inutative online order process all in one window to ensure conversion to a paying customer
A broad, e-commerce style service package
Offer different products through the same online shopping view
A shopping cart where you can still modify the package

Online payments

Automate recurring invoicing for periods of the desired length without financial management
Facilitate admisitrative work when variable monthly billing is automated
Increase sales with discount campaigns

Order and deployment messaging

Set up unique order confirmation messages that support deployment

Upon commitment

Order management

Easily add orders to new and existing customers through the management interface. You can also modify or delete orders.
Customers can manage their own orders (and your SaaS company saves time in administration)
Customers can make additional orders directly from the SaaS product.

Customer relationship management

Open customer accounts, edit or delete existing customers.
Customers can personally update customer information and send messages or provide feedback.

You can embed a message channel into a SaaS product and collect feedback and bug reports.

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