Zapier – Get more done with easy automation.

Zapier – Get more done with easy automation.


Zapier: connect all your everyday web apps to work together. With these integrations the information regarding your work is transferred seamlessly between different apps without distracting your flow.

Z apier is an online service that lets you create automated workflows (Zaps) through integrations and erase all the mind-numbing desk monkey work. By using Zapier you can connect over 2000 different apps with each other, which makes all your software sing the same tune. You can create workflows with just a few clicks and let the automation take care of the repetitive routine tasks, everyday data inputs, and moving data from one system to another. Your expertise can now be focused on where it’s needed the most.

Zapier is like an extra pair of hands that helps to push and pull data in the background and export it to and between different systems.

Want to use Zapier on a small scale? Well, here’s some good news for you: you’ll get 100 tasks per month for free, which is honestly all that a basic user needs. And yes, it’s free forever

Zapier is super easy to use because you don’t need any coding to get it up and running. Zapier includes over 1000 ready-made integrations for different apps. The simplest way to configure automations and Zapier is to use the good old “drag and drop” -method within Zapier’s user interface. This can be done with no extra hassle as long as the apps include the APIs for importing and exporting data to the right place.

We at Pilvi make good use of Zapier by letting it take care of our own tedious routine work and automating information flows. We’re also an official Zapier Platform Partner – this means you can use Zapier to integrate, for example, your CRM or marketing automation to the Pilvi™ e-Commerce Platform.

Zapier – makes you happier 🙂

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