Pilvi™ Plans and Prices

Pilvi™ Developer

Start selling online today!

0 €/mo.

Pilvi™ Merchant

For fast growth, includes all features!

395 €/mo.

Pilvi™ Reseller

Automate and manage your partner sales

1290 €/mo.

Detailed Comparison

Pilvi™ Pilvi™ Pilvi™
Use Start Online Sales today and accelerate your growth! Ensure fast growth with plenty of features and customization options! Manage resellers and boost your channel sales!
Amount of Products 1 Product Group 1 Product Group No limitations
Price 0 €/mo. 395 €/mo. 1290 €/mo.
Commission 2% 0.75%
Set-Up & Delivery Self-service Self-service or Turnkey Customized
Do-It-Yourself Product Cards
Pricing Models
Custom Pricing Models/Product Design Option
Custom Pilvi Design Product Cards (40+ options) Option
Trial Phase
Automated Provisioning Email only
Automated Trial Phase Communication
Message Customization and Triggering
Purchasing Embedded into Messages Option
Commerce Phase
Online Shopping Purchasing Process several
Several Processes ex. Open and Reseller
Online Payments
Order & Deployment Communication (default + edit)
Customized Order & Deployment Messaging Option
Billing Integrations Option
Commitment & Management
Order Management Limited
Customer Management Limited
Customized Customer Database Option
Conversion & Sales Metrics Option
Integrations Email Only PAITA PAITA & Full API
Demo Ask for a Turnkey Solution Ask for a Turnkey Solution
Use Cases Use Cases Use Cases

Additional Services

Pilvi™ Pilvi™ Pilvi™
Additional Services
Online Business Plan 1,850 € 1,850 €
SaaS productization for e-Commerce 1,850 € 1,850 €
Sales Process / Hybrid Model 1,850 € 1,850 €
Turnkey implementations (price estimates are for typical implementations)
Customized implementation (product cards, messages, customer database) 2,900 € 2,900 €
Billing Integration (custom client database) 2,300 € 2,300 €
Automated Provisioning (integration support + other customization) 4,550 € 4,550 €
All options delivered as a Turnkey solution 11,900 € 11,900 €
Configure and Launch a Reseller Channel +4,000 €

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