SaaStock17 Secrets – Finnish SaaS Mafia

SaaStock17 is a 3-day conference in Dublin Sept 18th – 20th. SaaStock is “the best conference for SaaS Founders, VC’s and execs in Europe”. Last year there was only 4 Finns at SaaStock16 and half of those from Pilvi. This year we have 6x  that with over 2% of all SaaStock17 participants. Founders, entrepreneurs, investors and key employees from companies like Pilvi (SaaS online sales automation), Zef (online surveys), Advance B2B (SaaS marketing), Loyalistic (marketing automation), Lyyti (event management) among others. And not forgetting Anssi from Smartly (FB & IG ad automation) on Tuesday afternoon at the Scale stage talking about company culture. Could it be because of the Finland’s 100th birthday (on the Dec 6th)?

So the key question is, how are you able to find a Finnish SaaS entrepreneur from the SaaStock crowd? Let us help!

Key Description

The colors in Finland’s flag are blue and white. Is it just a coincidence that we have the same colors at Pilvi’s “Pilvi Shop” and Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Associations “Software From Finland” logos?

Last year we had the Finland Team hoodies. This year we upgraded them to white Software From Finland and blue Pilvi hoodies. You can find the Software From Finland logo on the back of the white hoodie and Pilvi’s tagline on the back of the blue hoodie. In addition, there might be some ”undercover” SaaS enthusiastics who wear normal clothes so basically the only way to identify them is to try to Google based on their badge or just ask them 🙂

Location – Pilvi booth (nearby investor zone)

At SaaStock17, you have just three things to remember: location, location, and location. During the event, we’ll be the first(ish) one to arrive to the RDS in the morning and the last one to leave. You’ll find us from the Pilvi booth and from the audience learning new tricks in onboarding, customer success, and online customer acquisition. When we’re not at the event we’re charging our batteries at the hotel (Ballsbridge for some of us) or using the rest of the available energy on the parties and side events. Could it be the easiest way to break the ice by offering a beer to a Finnish SaaS entrepreneur? 🙂

Follow us – or book a meeting

You’ll find most of us from the official SaaStock app, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To book a meeting you can ping us, grab our hoodies at the event or just send us an email to During the event, we’ll tweet and post images to Instagram using the #saastock17 and #softwarefromfinland hashtags.

See you next week in Dublin!

– Lassi, COO & Founder

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