Use Case

Automating a SaaS companies reseller channel

A SaaS company wishes to streamline customer and dealer management by bringing all dealers into the same sales channel to begin conducting direct sales to end-users. The goal is to get rid of the manual work stages which arise from orders happening through resellers. A company can count on large monthly savings through getting rid of errors taking place in sales, administration, and billing.

The company begins using the Pilvi™ platform for direct sales and thereby automates that portion of orders, as desired a company can expand the use of the platform to resellers and automate reseller sales functions through the same means. Through automation, the savings gained translate to a Payback Period which makes the decision to use the Pilvi™ platform an easy one.

The Pilvi™ platform includes full support at the reseller level so that every end customer is in the same system. At the same time, the entire customer and licensing portfolio are unified and delisted accounts are removed. Thanks to more detailed monitoring, companies MRR can expect to experience growth and resellers will experience the new order channel as an improvement thanks to accelerated processes.

Companies can now make future plans to expand their reseller network because all of this new order automation saves resources. A company can also automate the acquisition of new resellers using the Pilvi™ platform, and through these reforms expect further growth throughout the next years.

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