Use Case

A Start-ups online sales and recurring billing

A newly established Start-up wants to quickly get its product on sale and focus its own resources on the development of their own product. The product is nearly ready and their website and productization have been preliminarily planned out. The company may be somewhat uncertain about how to package and price and has some initial concerns on how to carry out billing online.

The company turns to Pilvi™ and commissions the launch of online sales and recurring invoicing as a turnkey implementation. Pilvi™ gives an offer on the implementation of the overall solution. In addition to technical implementation, Pilvi™ offers expert services to make the pricing and productization fit. We also offer service packages to help launch marketing efforts.

The company then commissions an implementation which fits their budget and receives a working online sales channel available to them within a month of ordering. In addition, the companies’ productization becomes clearer, and instead of the previous few product versions you can find several logical versions, which in-turn clarifies uses and target groups to match, example packages can be free versions, trials, basic, active use, and professional full packages.

A payment system such as Stripe is chosen to which the Pilvi™ platform has ready-made integrations. Main metrics for monitoring are chosen during the project. In the next phase, a company can begin developing their marketing with Pilvi™ and bring in more customers into a functioning automated sales process.



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