Use Cases

An open webstore for services for a Hosting Company

A hosting company has a strong position in certain product segments where order automation has already been implemented through in-house methods. The basic business functions work well, but growth has slowed or is moderate. A company can redirect its order channel to one online sales portal and thus increase the supply of both existing and new customers.

Ahosting company can have a reasonably well functioning backend system that they do not see a need to renew, but the focus can shift to productization and digitalization. A company can bring in new products to direct sales such as virtual servers, Office365, and Google Apps products, thereby renewing the companies offering and bringing it all for sale online.

This type of project can be large in size and take several months for complete delivery. During the overtime, the old sales channels can be used for the interim and then later on completely discarded. The new online store will increase cross-selling and ensure the company’s position in their main product segments. Bringing in top-selling products from well-established players such as Google and Office365 lowers the need for your customer to shop around and keeps them on your own site.

The web store enables a company to focus on their own business, and the entire business now runs on the online store and customer experience. The growth of a company’s net sales will increase due to the new environment, and companies can them increase their own offering step-by-step. After the establishment of the sales and order channel, a company can then begin to renew its customers’ self-service environment utilizing Pilvi™ Console.


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