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Pilvi™ for SaaS

Pilvi™ Pilvi™ Pilvi™
Use Start Online Sales today and accelerate your growth! Ensure fast growth with plenty of features and customization options! Manage resellers and boost your channel sales!
Amount of Products 1 Product Group 1 Product Group No limitations
Price 0 €/mo. 349 €/mo. 795 €/mo.
Commission 2% 0.75%
Set-Up & Delivery Self-service Self-service or Turnkey Customized
Do-It-Yourself Product Cards [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome]
Pricing Models [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome]
Custom Pricing Models/Product Design Option [/fusion_fontawesome]
Custom Pilvi Design Product Cards (40+ options) Option [/fusion_fontawesome]
Trial Phase
Automated Provisioning Email only [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome]
Automated Trial Phase Communication [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome]
Message Customization and Triggering [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome]
Purchasing Embedded into Messages Option [/fusion_fontawesome]
Commerce Phase
Online Shopping Purchasing Process [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome] several
Several Processes ex. Open and Reseller [/fusion_fontawesome]
Online Payments [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome]
Order & Deployment Communication (default + edit) [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome]
Customized Order & Deployment Messaging Option [/fusion_fontawesome]
Billing Integrations Option [/fusion_fontawesome]
Commitment & Management
Order Management Limited [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome]
Customer Management Limited [/fusion_fontawesome] [/fusion_fontawesome]
Customized Customer Database Option [/fusion_fontawesome]
Conversion & Sales Metrics Option [/fusion_fontawesome]
Integrations Email Only PAITA PAITA & Full API
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Additional Services

Pilvi™ Pilvi™ Pilvi™
Additional Services
Online Business Plan 1,850 € 1,850 €
SaaS productization for e-Commerce 1,850 € 1,850 €
Sales Process / Hybrid Model 1,850 € 1,850 €
Turnkey implementations (price estimates are for typical implementations)
Customized implementation (product cards, messages, customer database) 2,900 € 2,900 €
Billing Integration (custom client database) 2,300 € 2,300 €
Automated Provisioning (integration support + other customization) 4,550 € 4,550 €
All options delivered as a Turnkey solution 11,900 € 11,900 €
Configure and Launch a Reseller Channel +4,000 €

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