Pilvi Cloud Company Ltd – a Finnish software company

Pilvi™ is a Finnish software company whose core competencies are cloud services and the sale of digital services online. The company has 20 years of experience in e-commerce and hosting.

Pilvi Cloud Company Ltd helps digital service providers (such as capacity and SaaS applications) to sell their products online. The foundation for this work is its own Pilvi ™ application, as well as strong expertise in cloud computing and e-commerce. Our customers include SaaS and CSP (SaaS = Software as a Service, CSP= Cloud Service Providers) and Iot service providers.

The Pilvi™ product is a platform for the sale and provisioning of digital services

Pilvi™ is an automated online sales software platform for SaaS companies and cloud service providers. The Pilvi™ platform enables companies to automate the sale of digital products such as SaaS or cloud services online, including trial, sales, and payment phases, as well as ongoing maintenance after the sales transaction aimed at minimizing attrition.

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