Use Case

Digital maturity assessment for a Telco

A Telco notices a change in the market towards service sales automation. The company is unsure of their readiness and maturity in launching online sales and wants to find out both the company’s position and digital maturity index.

Companies can turn to Pilvi™ and commission the launch of online sales and recurring billing as a turnkey implementation. Pilvi™ gives you a bid for the implementation of the overall solution. In addition to technical implementation, Pilvi™ offers expert services to evaluate online sales readiness and make product packages and prices fit. Marketing services are also offered as an added option.

Companies can commission an online sales channel that can be launched within a month of order. In addition, a company’s productization will become clearer, and expand product versions based on fit, and user targeting.

A payment system such as Stripe, is chosen to which the Pilvi™ platform has ready-made integrations.Main metrics for monitoring are chosen during the project. In the next phase, a company can begin developing their marketing with Pilvi™ and bring in more customers into a functioning automated sales process.

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