Pilvi™ – Customers

Louhi Networks a online store for services

Louhi’s online store has dozens of products for sale. Tens of services are ordered through the online store every week.

Louhi verkkosivu ja -kauppa – Embedded product cards

Louhi has also embedded product cards directly to their site, including on to their landing page and product pages.

Bizmind – An Order Channel

Bizmind only has one product with a few different pricing options.

Bizmind – Embedded Product Cards

Bizmind uses the Pilvi WordPress plugin to embed products cards created by the Pilvi Platform.

Granite – An App Store

Granite’s app store has extensive product and service capabilities.

Mikrobitti Magazine – Provisioning of Subscriber Benefits

Subscribers to the Mikrobitti magazine can active a free Cpanel-based web hosting service for themselves. Provisioning of the service is fully automated.

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